Recent Book Additions To Our Shelves.

As of the time I’m writing this, let’s say it has been just one damned thing after another this week and I’m starting to feel as if I’m living in the fictional world of St Mary’s where madness and chaos is the order of the day.

However Sarah and I managed to ground ourselves a little by having a rare lunch out (I’m anxious about going to most eateries nowadays) and afterwards we, of course, ended up in our small, local bookshop. As per usual, we came out with books. Books we didn’t necessarily need as our physical To-Be-Read piles are big enough, but more books nonetheless.

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A Live, Craft, Read, Love Welcome

Hello and welcome to what is a new blogging venture!

Live, Craft, Read, Love is the culmination of past blogs, interests that only ever seem to swell in time and the constant need to share them with like-minded souls.

It is also the blog I’ve been trying to write and create for a while, with everything working together under one roof – Deaf life and awareness, crafting, reading, baking, Animal Crossing, mental health and anything else that falls into the mix.

Sarah and I hope that you come along and join us for the ride!